DEC Minutes 

Jefferson County

December Executive Committee


May 11, 2021


The meeting was called to order at 6:03 p.m. with an invocation by Rev. Shirley Washington followed by Pledge of Allegiance. Please see sign-in sheet for those present.


Officers and Committee Report


Financial Report was given by Ms. Jeanette Woodson.



General Fund  Deposits $66.47, Expenditures $8 bank fees, Balance on hand $1,766.47


Scholarship Account Deposits $1,142.50, Expenditures $8 bank fees, Balance on hand $2,052.83



It was moved by Mr. Rothman and properly seconded by  Mrs. Conley that the financial report be accepted as read.




Scholarship Committee


Recommended awards:  Ryan Long, JSMHS,  MaryRose Schweir, Taylor Roland, Esther Fulford, from ACA, and Caitlin Paulk, FVS and Rose Academy.  , It was moved by Chief Watson and seconded by Mrs. Kyler to accept the written report from the Scholarship Committee with corrections.


Scholarship check presentations will take place at the July 8 “Beat the Heat” meeting at the Opera House.:


Presentation of letters announcing the coming awards: Aucilla Christian Academy, Friday May 14, 2021 at 8:30 AM, Jefferson Somerset June 11, 2021, FVS & Rose Academy, by US mail.


The scholarship committee recommended that vocational school students be considered for scholarships. It was properly moved by Chief Watson and seconded by Mrs. Kyler, and adopted by the DEC.


For the “Beat the Heat” meeting, it was suggested it be indoors at the Opera House, if people are comfortable.  It was suggested that there could be a speaker and no food but with door prizes from local restaurants.  Several restaurants were suggested and DEC members volunteered to contact them.


It was decided that the meeting would be held on July 8, 2021 at the Opera House at 6:00 p.m. with a $5.00 donation. Possible speakers:


Nikki Fried

Charlie Crist

Val Demmings

Manny Diaz

and possibly Stacey Abrams


Efforts will be made to get Senator Ausley to speak for the June 8, 2021 meeting.





Watermelon Festival It was decided that possibly one or possibly two (2) trucks would be used in the parade and others could walk.


Expanding the DEC:  June 8 meeting invitees, agenda, presentations, materials


Members should invite people.  Ms. Conley passed out suggestions for the June 8th meeting.  Set-up will begin at 5:30 p.m. Refreshments can be setup outside.  Up to fifty (50) people are expected to attend. 



Other activities:  Open discussion


There being no further business to come before the committee the meeting was adjourned at 6:49 p.m.

Jefferson County

December Executive Committee


April 13, 2021


The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. with an invocation by Chief Kent Watson and Pledge of Allegiance. Present were Gladys Roann Watson, Chair, Russ Rothman, Jeanette Woodson, Julie Conley, Kathy Rothman, Ann Herring, Mae Eva Kyler, Marilyn Halsey, and guests Kent Watson, Jacki Seabrooks and Larry Halsey.  Absent were Franklin Brooks and Shirley Washington.


The Financial Report was given by Ms. Jeanette Woodson

General Fund: Revenue $3,257.19, Expenditures $4,407.20, Balance $1,708.20

Scholarship Fund: Revenue $1,610, Expenditures $2,100, Balance $918.33





Scholarship Committee


Mr. Russ Rothman brought of the issue of the appointment of scholarship committee members.  It was motioned by Ms. Mae Kyler and seconded by Ms. Julie Conley and Ms. Ann Herring that the current committee be reappointed with the provisional inclusion  of two (2) members that were not at the meeting, Franklin Brooks and Shirley Washington.  The motion was unanimously passed.


Russ suggested that the committee meet on Tuesday, April 27, 2021.  The applicants will be interviewed at that time.  He will send copies of the applications to the committee members.


Watermelon Festival (Correction to the agenda:  The festival is listed as June 26 and 27 on the agenda but is actually June 18 and 19.)


Julie suggested a float for the parade.  She stated that she would try to find a trailer for the DEC to use.


Chair Roann-Watson mentioned that the North Florida Democratic Club has offered to help and volunteer at tent at the festival.  She also said that she would reach out to the Thomasville Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) to see if they can help.


Building the DEC


Russ handed out a list of possible people to invite to the June 8, 2021 meeting.  The list contains the names of people that participated in election activities.  Invitees would get a chance to see what the DEC is doing.  Others that are not on the list can also be invited.  Refreshments will be provided. 


Other activities:  Open discussion


It was reported that Mr. C.P. Miller is sick and in the hospital.  It was suggested that the DEC send him a card.  Chair Roann-Watson will follow up.


There was a brief discussion about current events.


Mr. Halsey thanked Russ for putting up a notice about vaccines in the county.


It was announced that there had been an anonymous donation of $1,000.00 for scholarships. 


Meeting was adjourned at 6:35 p.m.

JCDEC Meeting 

February 11, 2020


The meeting was called to order at 6:01 pm by Gladys Watson.  Franklin Brooks gave the invocation and led the group in the pledge of allegiance.  In attendance were Gladys Watson, Russ Rothman, Franklin Brooks, Kent Watson, Kathy Rothman, Marilyn Halsey, Mae Kyler, Jeanette Woodson, Joel Kurasch, Charles Parrish, and Ann Herring.  Also present were Jacqueline Seabrooks, Ulee Cuyler, Joel Carpenter, and Kaye Carpenter.  Absent were CP Miller, Shirley Washington, Willie Ann Dickey, John Peck, Mazie and Richard Glenn (excused) and Julie Conley (excused).


Ryan Yeary and Barbara DeVane attended the meeting and spoke on behalf of Jessica Yeary who is running for Public Defender.


Jeanette Woodson gave the financial report.  The account balances are as follows:  Regular account-$3,096.21; scholarship account-$1,385.33.  No formal motion was made to accept the report.


Gladys Watson and Russ Rothman discussed the upcoming voter registration event scheduled for February 15, 2020.  Kent and Gladys Watson, Russ and Kathy Rothman, Franklin Brooks, and Shirley Washington have confirmed they will participate.  Three possible participants are Joel Carpenter, and Marilyn and Larry Halsey.


Russ Rothman stated that, in addition to the poll watchers previously identified, three other people are interested in poll watching.


Gladys Watson reported she is ready to submit a new grant on behalf of the JCDEC.  Russ Rothman made the motion to have Mrs. Watson proceed with the submission of the grant.  Kent Watson gave the second.  The motion passed unanimously.


Russ Rothman and Gladys Watson led the discussion on the March 12th event.  The speaker will be Dr. Richard Murgo who will speak on a number of issues including, but not limited to, Medicare for all, the Green New Deal, and incarceration and justice.  The event will be held at the Opera House and the price will be $15.00.  All proceeds will go to the scholarship fund.  The menu will feature hamburgers, chips, slaw, desserts, and drinks.  Kent and Gladys Watson will provide ice and buns and possibly slaw and chips.  Kathy Rothman, Mae Cuyler, and Ann Herring will provide desserts.  Jacqueline Seabrooks and Franklin Brooks will donate tea.


Gladys Watson stated that the Chamber of Commerce membership fee and the post office box rental fee are up for renewal.


The group agreed to donate $50.00 to Democrat party candidates; however, if the candidate has no opposition, there will be no $50.00 donation.


Kent and Gladys Watson will conduct voter registration activities at the health fair to be held at New Bethel church on April 11, 2020.


Joel Kurasch gave the motion to adjourn and Franklin Brooks provided the second.  The meeting adjourned at 6:55pm.


Jefferson County Democratic Executive Committee (JCDEC) Meeting

January 14, 2020


The JCDEC meeting was called to order at 6:02 pm by Gladys Watson.  Shirley Washington gave the invocation and Gladys Watson led the group in the pledge of allegiance.  In attendance were Gladys Watson, Russ Rothman, Kent Watson, Kathy Rothman, Charles Parrish, Marilyn Halsey, Julie Conley, Joel Kurasch, Mae Kyler, Shirley Washington, Jeanette Woodson, and Ann Herring.  Guests in attendance were Jacqueline Seabrooks, Ulee Cuyler, Bob Rackleff and Joel Carpenter.  Absent were Franklin Brooks (excused), Richard and Mazie Glenn (excused), CP Miller, Willie Ann Dickey and John Peck.


The financial report was given by Jeanette Woodson.  The current balances in the regular and scholarship accounts are $1,845.21 and $1,324.33, respectively.  The financial report was unanimously approved with a motion by Charles Parrish and a second by Kent Watson.


Russ Rothman reported that the scholarship committee will meet when we  receive applications.  He also stated we are still looking for new members as there are still vacant precinct positions.


The voter registration activity is still on for January 18th from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm.  The group will meet at the Teen Center at 9:45 am to gather materials before heading out to their assigned areas.  Volunteers included Kent and Gladys Watson, Russ and Kathy Rothman, Jacqueline Seabrooks, Joel Carpenter, and Larry and Marilyn Halsey.  Voter registration dates for February were scheduled for February 15th, and possibly February 29th.


Bob Rackleff spoke to the group about his organization's canvassing activities.  His group targets ex-felons and hard-to-find voters.  Mr. Rackleff stated he could provide materials to the JCDEC if his group expands to this area.  He also mentioned his group received a grant from Andrew Gillum's organization which helps fund some of the Rackleff group's activities.  Gladys Watson asked Mr. Rackleff to send her information about securing a grant through Mr. Gillum's organization.


There is still a need for volunteers to do poll watching.  It was noted that poll watching can be done in one's own precinct.  Russ Rothman stated that Ryan Yeary is our potential legal lead for the voter protection organization.  Guest Joel Carpenter stated he could drive people to the polls.


The  group discussed the event scheduled for March 12th at the Opera House.  Dr. Murgo, a political analyst for WCTV, will be the speaker for the event.  In addition, candidates who have pre-qualified will be given the opportunity to address the audience.  The charge for the event will be $10.00 and menu details will be worked out at the February meeting.


Charles Parrish asked the committee about participating in the Martin Luther King, Jr. annual parade.Donations were collected from the group; however, no total was given.

Julie Conley made the motion to adjourn and Charles Parrish provided the second.  The meeting adjourned at 6:58 pm.


Jefferson County Democratic Executive Committee (JCDEC) Meeting

December 10, 2019


The meeting was called to order by Gladys Watson at 6:03 pm.  Franklin Brooks gave the invocation and led the group in the pledge of allegiance.  In attendance were Gladys Watson, Kent Watson, Russ Rothman, Kathy Rothman, Marilyn Halsey, Mae Kyler, Franklin Brooks, Joel Kurasch, and Ann Herring.  Present also were Jacqueline Seabrooks and Eulee Cuyler.  Charles Parrish and Jeanette Woodson had approved absences.


With a motion by Mae Kyler and a second by Russ Rothman, the November 2019 minutes were unanimously approved.


The financial report was reviewed by Gladys Watson.  The balance in the regular account is $2,130.21 and the scholarship account has a balance of $284.33.  Russ Rothman made the motion to approve the financial report and Mae Kyler gave the second.  The approval was unanimous.  Gladys Watson also reported that an anonymous donor gave $1000.00 to the scholarship account.


Regarding the grant, Gladys Watson noted that the $1000.00 donation will help us meet the grant requirements.  In addition, we have added the required number of precinct representatives.  The only area where we are lacking is in the vote-by-mail cards.  We have done six and nine are needed.  Compared to other DECs, we are ahead of the curve with committee activities.


Russ Rothman gave the scholarship committee report.  Russ met with Somerset and Aucilla school personnel to distribute scholarship information and applications.  Gladys Watson made the formal appointment of the following people to the scholarship committee:  Franklin Brooks, Kent Watson, Julie Conley, Shirley Washington, Marilyn Halsey, and Ann Herring.


Gladys Watson and Russ Rothman led the discussion on new members.  It was noted that all new members, with the exception of Elizabeth Alexander, have been voted in. 


Gladys Watson reported on the recent canvassing activity.  Two people were 

registered and some vote-by-mail cards were also completed.  In addition, a second canvassing date was scheduled for January 18, 2020 from 10:00 am-12:00 pm.  Kent and Gladys Watson, Russ and Kathy Rothman, Jacqueline Seabrooks and Franklin Brooks volunteered for this activity.  They will meet at 9:45 am on the 18th to prepare to go out into the targeted neighborhoods.


Russ Rothman reported that volunteers are still needed for the voter protection program.  Attorney Faglie was contacted about being the legal lead for the program but there has been no response from him.  Attorney Ryan Yeary was also contacted about being the legal lead for the program.  Gladys Watson, Franklin Brooks, Russ and Kathy Rothman, and Mae Kyler volunteered to be poll watchers.  Russ will be the lead on this if no one else volunteers. 


Gladys Watson and Russ Rothman led the discussion on upcoming committee events.  March 5th and March 12th were suggested as dates for the March event.  Dr. A.D. Brickler and Dr. Richard Murgo were mentioned as possible presenters.  Kent Watson will approach Dr. Murgo and Gladys Watson will approach Dr. Brickler about their availability.  


Donations were collected in the amount of $55.00.  $40.00 will go to the regular account and $15.00 will go to the scholarship account.


The motion to adjourn was made by Russ Rothman , with a second by Mae Kyler.  The meeting adjourned at 7:02 pm.


n for registered Democrats who have moved to Jefferson County.  Letters have been sent to these people and there will be follow-up by phone.  In addition, the returning citizens list (ex-offenders) will be worked by Gladys and Kent Watson.  It was suggested that the Supervisor of Elections be contacted to determine which precincts are majority Democrat.  C. P. Miller is willing to get a color coded map showing the precincts/districts if it can be posted in the library.


With a motion by Fred Williams and second by Kent Watson, the meeting adjourned at 7:10 pm.

Minutes of the August Meeting

August 14, 2018


The Jefferson County Democratic Executive Committee monthly meeting was held on Tuesday August 14, 2018.  In attendance were Gladys Watson, Russ Rothman, Kathy Rothman, Beth Adams, Shirley Washington, C.P. Miller, Mae Kyler, Franklin Brooks, Jeanette Woodson, Jacki Seabrooks, Kent Watson, and Ann Herring.  Visitors included Willie Ann Dickey, Michael Newberger, Jacob Ross, Keishann Corley, Leona Ross, and Joel Kurasch.


Gladys Watson called the meeting to order at 6:02.  Kent Watson gave the invocation and led the group in the pledge of allegiance.  As the group had not reviewed the July meeting minutes, approval of those minutes was postponed until the September meeting.


Jeanette Woodson gave the financial report.  The current balances in the regular account and scholarship account are $1,655.32 and $179.33, respectively.  The amount reported for "Beat the Heat" was $1,393.00, less expenses of $468.25 which left a balance of $924.75.  Beth Adams motioned to accept the financial report and Shirley Washington provided the second.  Acceptance of the report was unanimous.


Franklin Brooks gave the scholarship committee update.  The committee met to review its policies and procedures. It was the consensus of the committee to keep things as is and to add the component of interviewing all scholarship applicants.  After making this recommendation to the executive committee, Beth Adams made the motion to accept and Shirley Washington provided the second.  The motion passed unanimously.


Ann Herring presented the idea of having an event in an outdoor venue like the Monticello Vineyards.  Kathy Rothman added that Golden Farms, and Gladys added and the Mays House, could also be considered as possible locations.  Jacki Seabrooks, Beth and Jay Adams, and Ann Herring will meet to iron out the details of this venture and report back to the executive committee. Possible dates for the event are October 11, 2018 and October 18, 2018. The Mays House will be contacted first about the event.


Gladys Watson stated that the grant is due tomorrow (8/15/18).  We have applied for $1250.00 based on the grant proposal goals we have already met.


There was some discussion about voter outreach activities such as phone banks and voter canvassing.  We will finalize plans at the September meeting.  Gladys noted that we can set up a voter registration table at the library as long the registration activities are non-partisan.


C.P. Miller suggested that Gladys Watson contact clergy hierarchy to get churches involved in voter activities.  He will get contact information for the appropriate persons and give it to Mrs. Watson.


Beth Adams has moved and is in a different precinct.  This has resulted in the following:  Per a motion by Russ Rothman and a second by C.P. Miller, Beth Adams is now the Precinct 5 representative.  Following a motion and second by Beth Adams and Mae Kyler, respectively, Beth Adams' former at-large position is now held by Willie Ann Dickey.  A motion by Russ Rothman and a second by Kent Watson made Joel Kurasch the male Precinct 5 representative.  All the motions passed unanimously.


Gladys Watson stated we have been issued a challenge by Tim Sanders and the Madison County Democrats as to which group can get the most people out to vote and the most vote by mail.  We accepted the challenge-Madison vs. Monticello-game on!


Russ Rothman motioned to adjourn and Kent Watson provided the second.  The meeting adjourned at 7:00.



Regular Meeting

July 10, 2018

6:00 PM



The Jefferson County DEC held its regular meeting on Tuesday, July 10, 2018, at the Jefferson County R. J. Bailar Library.  Members present were Beth Adams, Franklin Brooks, Jeanette Woodson, Fred Williams, Shirley Washington, Mae Eva Kyler, Charles Parrish, Marilyn Halsey, Gladys Roann–Watson, Russ Rothman, Kathy Rothman, and Kent Watson.  Members not present were Ann Herring, Julie Conley, Ron Cichon, Albert Thomas and Bob Crew.  Also present were CP Miller and Larry Halsey.


The meeting was called to order; invocation and pledge were led by Fred Williams.


Minutes from the May meeting were approved as posted on line.


Reports of Officers

  • Chair – Gladys gave an update on the grant applications; will continue to work on these efforts.

  • Vice Chair – Nothing to report at this time.

  • Secretary – Ann Herring not present so Beth volunteered to take minutes this meeting.

  • Treasurer – financial report was presented; moved to accept; motion passed

  • Sate Committeepersons – nothing to report at this time

Old Business

  • Watermelon Festival – very few sign ups; presence was good.

  • Finalizing plans for Beat the Heat – Beth mailed out invites; food and setup obligations were reviewed; Russ and Gladys to send personal invite for all current democrat incumbents and candidates. 

New Business

  • Michael Newberger, campaign manager for Brandon Peters, arrived shortly after the meeting had adjourned.

  • Various ideas for DEC events were discussed; need to plan something after primary.

  • CP Miller requested appointment to the vacated board position for his district, Precinct 7; Shirley nominated CP to fill; 2nd by Beth; all in favor.

  • It was recommended that the list of vacant precinct board members be sent to email blast to seek out new board members; Russ to follow up on this.


 Next meeting scheduled for August 14, 2018


It was then moved, seconded, and approved that the meeting be adjourned at 7:00.


Respectfully submitted, Beth Adams, Acting Secretary, Pro Tem