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What Kind of "Man" is Donald Trump


"The depths of his dishonesty is just astounding to me. The dishonesty, the transactional nature of every relationship, though it's more pathetic than anything else. He is the most flawed person I have ever met in my life." Former White House chief of staff, retired Marine Gen. John Kelly





Amendment 1: VOTE NO.  This is a Republican “propaganda” amendment, saying only citizens can vote.  That’s already the law.  In fact, the law does not permit non-citizens to register, so they’re excluded before voting occurs.  This is the Republicans trying to foster fear and hatred of immigrants, and suspicion that “illegals are voting for the Democrats” and that “illegals” were the source of Hillary Clinton beating Trump by 3 million votes.  If they want to spread lies, they can do so with tweets.  Leave that out of our state constitution.

Amendment 2: Vote YES.  Gradually raises the Florida state minimum wage from $8.56 to $15 an hour over the next 5 years.  If anything, this amendment moves the minimum up too slowly. Not raising it at all, while more wealth goes to the top 1%, should be a criminal offense.  The top 1% in America holds 70% of the net worth wealth.  The bottom 50% holds 1.6% of the net worth wealth.  Guess where the minimum wage workers are?  These are the essential workers who grow, process, pack, ship and sell and/or cook our food, cut our hair, care for our ill and elders, etc., etc.  Our “consumer economy” relies on…consumers.  Can’t consume much on $8.56/hour.

Amendment 3: Vote NO.  This amendment would allow all voters to vote in primary elections for Governor, Cabinet, and Legislature, for the candidates of any party.  The top two vote-getters would then go on to the general election, even if both are from the same party.  Here both political parties, Democratic and Republican, agree that the registered party members should select their candidates for the general election.

Amendment 4: Vote NO.  This requires voters to approve a constitutional amendment twice, in two elections.  It’s aimed at stopping the voters from amending the constitution, by making it too expensive to campaign for an amendment.  The proponents of any amendment would have to campaign twice, the opponents only once, to defeat it, at the second vote.  Another Republican effort to limit citizen power.

Amendment 5: Vote NO.  Tax laws allow a limit of 3% a year increase to property tax, and when a resident moves to a new home, give him/her two years to “transfer” this limit to the new home.  The amendment gives three years instead of two.  Seems like more Republican posturing about taxes than anything necessary.  Property taxes fund local services, like first responders and law enforcement.

Amendment 6: There is a property tax discount for veterans with permanent combat-related disabilities.  This amendment would allow the non-veteran spouse of such a deceased veteran to receive a veteran discount, just like the combat-disabled veteran’s until he or she remarries or sells the property.





The regular meeting of the Jefferson County DEC at 6 PM on the second Tuesday of each month has been suspended,  pending further developments with the coronavirus pandemic. 


Click here for the agenda (when available).  THESE MEETINGS ARE OPEN TO ALL JEFFERSON COUNTY DEMOCRATS.


 NEED HEALTH INSURANCE?  It's still possible to get it through the Affordable Care Act!

  • November 1, 2020: Open Enrollment will begin — first day to enroll, re-enroll, or change a 2021 insurance plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

  • December 15, 2020: Last day to enroll in or change plans for 2021 coverage. After this date, you can enroll or change plans only if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period.

  • January 1, 2021: 2021 coverage starts, if you've paid your first premium.

Buscando seguros medicales por Obamacare? Hay cuatro maneras para obtener informacion y conseguir seguros. Vayase a este sitio Internet y sigua las instrucciones.

 When the Republicans target Obamacare, they are targeting the people of Florida.

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, as of Dec. 15, at the end of open enrollment for 2019, the total for all states was 8.5 million enrollments through the Affordable Care Act.  Of those, 1,786,679 Floridians signed up for health insurance under the ACA, more than any other state!    And this does not include those who previously bought policies which continued automatically.  Nor does it include those of us who purchased insurance through our employers, but benefit from Obamacare coverage of pre-existing conditions, covering our children until age 26, and other ACA insurance improvements.  

 And, we could have added health insurance coverage for another 800,000 Floridians, excluded by the Republicans from the Medicaid expansion, included in the ACA with 90% Federal funding, but rejected by Florida's Republican administration.  


When the Republicans target Obamacare, they are targeting the people of Florida.


This fight is NOT over!

From CNN:

"8.8 million sign up for Obamacare in strong showing

Some 8.8 million people signed up for 2018 coverage on the federal exchange during an open enrollment season that was half the length of prior years and far less promoted, the Trump administration said Thursday. That's only 400,000 fewer than signed up on during open enrollment a year before.

The Trump administration made several changes to this year's open enrollment period that supporters of the Affordable Care Act said sabotaged the program. In addition to shortening the enrollment period, it reduced the advertising budget by 90%, eliminating television spots, which advocates said was the most effective way to get people to sign up. Also, the administration cut funding for navigators, who help people enroll, by more than 40%." (editor's note: emphasis added)

The Republicans sued to end the Affordable Care Act after they eliminated the Federal tax authority behind it, and found a judge in Texas to rule their way.  However, the policies already purchased for 2019 are legal and in effect, and the ruling is being appealed.

Necesita Ud. Seguros Medicales?  Lea abajo.cial Enrollment Period: March 15 - April The open enrollment period for 2020  ended Sunday, Dec. 15, 2019 (shortened by the Trump administration from Jan. 31, where Barack Obama had it).  


What if you missed the deadline (oops):


From on July 6, 2015:



Did you know that life changes, like moving, having a child, turning 26, losing your coverage, or getting married may qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period? 

Even though the open enrollment period for 2020 coverage ended on December 15, 2019, you may still be able to get 2020 coverage if you’ve experienced a life change recently.


Important: If you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period, you’ll have 60 days from the time the life event occurs to enroll

We care about your health. Take time today to see if you can still get Marketplace coverage.

The Team


Likewise, persons who become qualified for Medicaid or Medicare may apply anytime. Telephone the Marketplace Call Center at 1-800-318-2596, or visit the website .



You can now see what insurance plans are offered, and their costs in your area by clicking  Haga un clic aqui para buscar seguros medicales.  


You can also see how much subsidy or tax credit you can use to reduce your health insurance costs.  The plans offered are from private for-profit insurance companies, but thanks to Obamacare all must meet certain legal requirements: Pay for prescription drugs, hospitalization, maternity and newborn care, and preventative care.  Also, children can remain on the parents' policy until age 26, and "pre-existing conditions" are no longer excluded.  There are no longer maximum expenses after which insurers can drop you, either.


 Click here for a list of the world's billionaires.  The first 85 own half of all wealth in the world.  If you don't see your name among them, you're among more than seven billion four hundred million people who own the other half.  Most own approximately... nothing.  Or have debts that exceed the value of what they own.


Think of it like a large pie.  One half will be eaten by 85 billionaires.  The other half will be shared by more than 7,400,000,000 people, representing the  rest of humanity.   We'd list the names, but that's a lot of typing, and, what with births and deaths every second, you can see the problem with that...



Global Warming

From 8/10/17


"The records highlighted in the "State of the Climate in 2016" report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration sound ominous.

• Global land surface temperatures last year were highest in 137 years of record keeping.

• Sea surface temperatures were also at their highest.

• Sea levels were at record highs in the 24 years that satellite record keeping has been used.

• Greenhouse gas marks rose faster than any year and carbon dioxide readings were above a 400 parts per million average for the year for the first time."



From the New York Times Oct. 10, 2017


"As of early 2017, the Earth had warmed by roughly 2 degrees Fahrenheit (more than 1 degree Celsius) since 1880, when records began at a global scale. The number may sound low, but as an average over the surface of an entire planet, it is actually high, which explains why much of the world’s land ice is starting to melt and the oceans are rising at an accelerating pace. If greenhouse gas emissions continue unchecked, scientists say, the global warming could ultimately exceed 8 degrees Fahrenheit, which would undermine the planet’s capacity to support a large human population." 


Want to know a little more about who, what, when and how?  And what to do about it?

Click here for the NYT article.



If you have any questions or comments, or would like to participate in the efforts of the Jefferson County Democratic Party, please email us at


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You may also contact us by U.S. mail/Se puede ponerse en contacto por correo:


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Read the editorial in the October 16 New York Times:


SECOND Democratic Caravan in Monticello Oct. 24


We’ve got two weeks to change the leadership of this country from negative to positive.  We had a great caravan through Monticello and sign waving at Courthouse Circle last Saturday.  Thank you all who participated!

Let’s go again during early voting, at 10 AM Saturday, October 24.  Early voting is from Oct. 19th-31st at the elections office, 1175 W. Washington St., and we want to provide enthusiastic encouragement to vote for BIDEN and HARRIS and all Democrats down the ballot.

Assemble shortly before 10 AM Saturday Oct. 24 in the northbound lane of South Jefferson St alongside Capital City Bank, Monticello.  We’ll have Biden/Harris signs, painters tape, and washable window markers.  If you participated last Saturday and still have your sign, bring that.


If you didn’t make it last time, please come this time!  All who participated last week will tell you it was a great experience.  Team work, team spirit, encouragement from the community as we passed, a real morale boost.

Drive your vehicle, or wave signs at Courthouse Circle, as we drive the caravan through the circle three times.

Please let us know by email to if you’re planning to drive in the caravan or wave signs at Courthouse Circle, so we can form an estimate.

Your Jefferson County Democratic Executive Committee





Democratic Party of Jefferson County, Florida

The mission of the Democratic Executive Committee of Jefferson County is to foster and advance the goals and ideals of our American democratic society through education and community involvement. The Democratic Executive Committee will actively seek out and encourage local citizens who exemplify the goals and ideals of our democratic society to enter the public arena by pursuing public service, including elective office.



 The first mail ballots will be sent out by the county elections office between Sept. 24 and Oct. 1.  As more requests for mail ballots are received, they'll be sent out.  If you haven't requested a mail ballot, please call the Jefferson County elections office at 997-3348.  For the general election, which this year includes the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, requests to Vote By Mail must be received no later than ten days before the November 3 election.  But don't wait until ten days before the election to request a mail ballot, because that may be cutting it too short!  County elections offices start sending out mail ballots between September 24 and October 1.


Why vote by mail? The Tallahassee Democrat today (Aug.9) reported  Florida just recorded 8,502 new corona virus cases in the last 24 hours, bringing our Florida total to 526,577.  Of these, more than 8,100 have died.  As Floridians are tested, 1 in 10 come back positive for the infection. (Flash Aug. 13: the Palm Beach Post just reported that Covid cases in Florida total 557,137 and deaths 9,047)  By the  November 3 general election, you may prefer to vote by mail.  So if you haven't already, telephone 997-3348, Monday thru Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, and request a mail ballot.  Besides the virus, we always face some uncertainty in waiting for the last day, like a transportation problem, illness, family issue, work issue, weather (hurricane!) and so on.


If you prefer to vote in person, consider less crowded early voting at the elections office, which has moved to the annex of the Jefferson County Health Dept, at 1175 W. Washington St., Monticello.  Early voting for the general election will be open October 19 thru 31, which includes two Saturdays and one Sunday, 8;30 to 4:30.  


Voter registration for the general election  closes October 5, so if you need to register, whether new, or a name, address or party change, please get that done by  October 5.


Vote for Joe Biden for President and Kamala Harris for Vice President.  Their platform embraces dealing aggressively with the pandemic, more jobs, higher pay ($15/hour minimum) more health insurance, support for education, fighting systemic racism and the disparities in jobs, wages, housing, health care, law enforcement, and more, and developing alternative energy,  building/maintaining roads and bridges and other infrastructure, and so much more.  Let's not allow four more years of lies, bullying, hatefulness, abuse, ignorance, incompetence, racism and failure.  Voting is power.  Let's use it.


UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION (now called Reemployment Assistance)


Visit the Department of Economic Opportunity's "Reemployment Assistance" website at




Do you want us to email you a scholarship application?  Email us at, and we'll attach an application form to our reply.  Application deadline second Tuesday in April for the Fall semester.

What is the Green New Deal so many Democrats are talking about?

Click here for an analysis by Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Columbia University Center for Sustainable Development, published February 23, 2019, on



Professor Joseph Stiglitz of Columbia University, winner of a Nobel Prize in Economics, advocates for "Progressive Capitalism:"  He tells CNN "America's economy has not been working for a large portion of the country."


Trump Administration attacking the Affordable Care Act CNN 3/26/2019

"....Trump and the administration repeatedly promised -- particularly leading up to the midterm election -- to protect people with less-than-perfect medical histories.

But this shift in the Justice Department's stance doubles down on stripping away all the protections that were a hallmark of the landmark heath reform law....

​House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the administration's stance amounted to "all-out war on the health care of the American people."

"On the very first day that the Democratic Majority held the gavel, the House of Representatives voted to intervene against Republicans' monstrous health care lawsuit to defend people with pre-existing conditions and the health care of all Americans," Pelosi said in a statement. "While the Trump Administration broadens its monstrous ambitions from destroying protections for pre-existing conditions to tearing down every last benefit and protection the Affordable Care Act provides, Democrats are fiercely defending the law of the land and protecting all Americans' health care."