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Student                  Sending School           College to be attended
Isabella Gray               Aucilla Christian             Belmont University
Grayson Boyd              FL. Virtual School & N. Fla. Coll.           FSU
Grace Conrad                Aucilla Christian        North Florida College


Esther Fulford              Aucilla Christian              University of Florida
Ryan Long             Jefferson County MHS             T
CC & Florida A&M
Caitlynn Paulk    Rose Speech & Academic Ctr Tallahassee Community
Taylor Roland    Aucilla Christian Academy Tallahassee Community Col
MaryRose Schweir     Aucilla Christian Academy    Agnes Scott College

Cindy Le              Jefferson Somerset         University of North Florida
Katelynn Jimenez      Jefferson Somerset   N. Florida Community Coll.
Jeremiah Norton       Rickards High School      Albany State University


Emily Brock                        Aucilla Christian           University of Georgia
Mya Trammell              Jefferson Somerset   Tallahassee Community Coll
Samiya Howard                       JCMHS/Somerset            Florida A&M University
Alondre Smith                  JCMHS/Somerset                Webber International
Tremelody Robinson             Tallahassee Community College                   TCC
Nicholas Arceneaux                    Aucilla Christian Academy                          University of Florida
Emmerald Graham             Jefferson County Middle/High School           Florida A & M University
Sarah Hall                               Aucilla Christian Academy                        Florida State University
Jacob Long                                Florida A & M University                       Florida A & M University
Tremelody Robinson        Jefferson County Middle/High School     Tallahassee Community College
 TyShun Thurman                       Florida A & M University                      Florida A & M University
 Zachary Bell       Jefferson County Middle/High School        Embry Riddle Aeronautical U.          
Jacob Long                     Jefferson County Middle/High School          Florida A & M University
Sarah Tharpe                         Aucilla Christian Academy               University of North Florida
TyShun Thurman              Jefferson County Middle/High School        Florida A & M University
Elicia Brewster               Jefferson County Middle/High School        Florida A & M University
  Morgan Cline                       Aucilla Christian Academy                 University of North Florida
Alexcia Dean    Jefferson County Middle/High School     North Florida Community Coll                                                                                         2014                    
Winston Lee       Aucilla Christian Academy  Florida State University
  Sarah Schrader Nahoom    American University      American University
Stefan Roberts  Jefferson County Middle/High School  Valdosta State 
Briana Robinson     Jefferson County Middle/High School  University of Central Florida  


Monique Colson


Charkues Crumitie


Lauren Demott


Cara Hackett


Brittany Harvey


La'Tasha Jones


Jefferson County Middle/High School


Rickards High School


Aucilla Christian Academy


Madison High School


Florida A & M University


Southwest Georgia Technical College


Tallahassee Community College


Union College, Kentucky


Tallahassee Community College


Florida A & M University


Florida A & M University


Florida A & M University 


SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS OF 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017,  2018 and 2019!

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