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Jefferson County, Florida, Democratic Party & Democratic Executive Committee


From the Florida Dept of State Website: "In December, 1827, the county seat received the name Monticello in honor of Thomas Jefferson's famous Virginia home. Jefferson County provided many of territorial Florida's most prominent leaders, including representatives to Congress and the Legislative Council, territorial judges, and the state's first elected governor, William D. Moseley. Jefferson County citizens were instrumental in establishing the Democratic party in Florida and in attaining statehood in 1845."


Democratic Executive Committee Members and By-Laws

The Jefferson County Democratic Party is composed of all persons who register as Democrats with the Jefferson County Supervisor of Elections.  The Jefferson County Democratic Party is part of the Florida Democratic Party.  The Charter and By-Laws of the Florida Democratic Party are available at

The Jefferson County Democratic Executive Committee is composed of up to two members for each of the 15 voter precincts in Jefferson County, one male and one female representative per precinct, plus up to three additional "at-large" members.  Precinct representatives are either elected by the Democrats of their precinct during regular elections of candidates for political office, or, in the absence of competition, appointed by vote of the Democratic Executive Committee members, after expressing an interest in serving.

The Democratic Executive Committee then elects a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, State Committeewoman and State Committeeman.  DEC meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month, 6 to 7 pm, at the Jefferson County Public Library, 375 S. Water Street, Monticello.  Click here for the current agenda.

No payment is offered or made for registering as a Democrat, or for serving as a member or officer of the Jefferson County Democratic Executive Committee.  Membership and activity are voluntary, and based on commitment to service.

The responsibilities and procedures of the Democratic Executive Committee are set forth in its BY-LAWS.

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2024 Members and Officers of the Jefferson County DEC:

Chair, Gladys Roann Watson

Vice Chair, Russ Rothman

Secretary, Jacki Seabrooks

Treasurer, Jeanette Woodson

State Committeewoman, Julie Conley

State Committeeman, Franklin Brooks

Precinct 1, Ann Herring

Precinct 1, Male vacancy

Precinct 2, Julie Conley

Precinct 2, Male Vacancy
Precinct 3, Jeanette Woodson

Precinct 3, Male vacancy

Precinct 4, Gladys Roann Watson

Precinct 4, Franklin Brooks
Precinct 5, Pat Cichon

Precinct 5, Ron Cichon

Precinct 6, Female Vacancy

Precinct 6, Male Vacancy
Precinct 7, Female Vacancy
Precinct 7, Male Vacancy

Precinct 8, Pat Inmon

Precinct 8, Male Vacancy

Precinct 9, Marilyn Halsey

Precinct 9, Male Vacancy
Precinct 10, Mae Eva Kyler
Precinct 10, Male Vacancy
Precinct 11, Russ Rothman
Precinct 11, Kathy Rothman

Precincts 12, 13, 14,15 and 16, Vacant

At-large members, Jacki Seabrooks, Martha Creel, Evy Friend

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