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Tuesday, November 14, at 6 PM, Jefferson County Democratic Executive Committee meeting at the Jefferson County R.J. Bailar Public Library, 375 S. Water St, Monticello.  All Jefferson County Democrats welcome.



with state party chair Nikki Fried

Tuesday, Nov. 14, 4 PM

Jefferson County R.J. Bailar Public Library, 375 S. Jefferson St, Monticello

Click this link to sign up to attend


All Jefferson County Democrats and interested undecideds welcome


No charge for admission


Join with Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried and her staff, local elected officials, and the Jefferson County Democratic Executive Committee at the county library in Monticello!

Democratic Chair Nikki Fried and her staff are making a statewide tour to Take Back Florida from the MAGA and DeSantis Republicans.  


We Democrats are for  

1. Healthcare available for all.  Obamacare is a good start, but we're not finished.

2. Passing the Florida constitutional amendment to raise hourly pay a dollar each year till it reaches $15, now paying $12, then peg it to the cost of living, is a good start, but  is not enough for a secure living situation; people who work need and deserve more.

3. Block global warming.  Tax breaks for green energy and energy efficiency: A good start for promoting more sustainable energy, and the good jobs to install and support it.  But we need an even more massive effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions and save earth from the increasing heat waves, droughts, wildfires, glacial meltdowns, sea level rise, catastrophic floods and intense storms.

4. Fighting racism and the continuing negative impacts on the Black community from slavery and Jim Crow segregation. Current legal equality masks real inequality.  Teach the truth about this heritage and this continuing struggle, instead of omitting the truth, outright lying, and suppressing library books and classroom discussions.  Promote diversity, equity and inclusion! 

5. High quality public education.  Oppose moving vast sums of money from public education to private schools.  Allow teachers to teach about the good, the bad and the ugly without fear of being arrested and jailed for offending Republican censors.  Make higher education, trade school and college affordable.  Public education K-College!  K-16, overdue!

6. Better access to housing and reasonably priced home insurance, decent shelter for all.


The MAGA Republican position:  They're against all this.  They offer low pay, high priced insurance, inadequate health care, hostility toward African Americans, women, immigrants, and sexual minorities, opposing diversity, equity and inclusion programs, doing nothing about global warming, gutting public education, but favoring AR-15s for everybody, concealed weapons, no training or background checks, just hypocritical "thoughts and prayers" each time mass shootings of kids in school occur, and denying women the right to choose within the full spectrum of reproductive healthcare, including abortion when a woman and her medical provider think its called for.


Join us in the Take Back Florida Rally 4 PM Tuesday, Nov. 14, in the county library!  By your presence, and your support, help build momentum to Take Back Florida!  Invite someone you know!  Or someone you don't know!

Any day, Sunday through Saturday, Donate to support the Scholarship Program of the Jefferson County Democratic Party, for Jefferson County students.




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