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Events Calendar


Next Meeting of the Jefferson County Democratic Executive Committee Tuesday, May 9, 6 PM, at the Jefferson County R.J. Bailar Public Library, 375 S. Water St, Monticello FL. All registered Jefferson County Democrats are welcome to sit in.  Offering or voting on motions is restricted to members of the committee.

Attention  good Democrats!  We've been notified that the City of Monticello is organizing a volunteer trash cleanup event for two hours on the morning of Saturday, May 6.  The City will provide volunteers with safety vests, bags and "trash grabber" tools, as well as guidance on routes.  Meet at City Hall, 245 S. Mulberry, 8:45 AM.


Take a walk, breathe the fresh air, boost your circulation, clean up the City!  A good way to spend a Saturday morning in May.


Any Day, Sunday through Saturday, Donate to support the Scholarship Program of the Jefferson County Democratic Party, for Jefferson County students.




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