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Community Service

The Democratic Executive Committee adopted the following community service effort:

    A college scholarship program   

​See the Events Calendar for the next activity in support of the Democratic Party's Community Service efforts.

College Scholarship


The Jefferson County Democratic Executive Committee has launched a scholarship program for Jefferson County students.   Scholarship recipients for the current academic year are posted here.  Our Donor Honor Roll is posted here. For program information, or an application form, visit the link under "Community Service" below the logo at the top of the page.  Applications for scholarships are due by the second Tuesday in April, which will be April 13 in 2021.  Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the option of hand delivering an application to the DEC meeting in April may not be available.  Submit your application by email ( or US mail, to Jefferson County Democrats, PO Box 1074, Monticello, FL 32345, to arrive before April 13!

Donate on line to support the activities of the Jefferson County Democratic Party, or by mailing a check with "general fund" or "scholarships" in the memo line to: 

Jefferson County Democrats

PO Box 1074

Monticello, FL 32345







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